For suppliers

Big Farmer company is cooperative with manufacturers and suppliers of products for farm poultry keeping and livestock breeding. The main terms of agreement execution: lowest prices for offered products, quality guaranty, 60 days time credit, willingness of supplier to market its products.

Send your offers to our e-mail Please specify the details of your organization and enclose price list with prices, purchasing conditions and discounts.

We are interested in products for:

  • Poultry keeping
  • Swine keeping
  • Rabbit breeding and animal breeding
  • Cattle stock
  • Goats and sheep
  • Horses
  • Pets

Commercial offer should be sent in the form of Excel sheet containing names of products, their specifications, articles, purchasing prices in rubles, minimum retail prices for these products. We also need information on the companies from our region you already work with.

Specify A category products and their possible promo prices. Enclose company brief (scope of activity, how long you are on the market, company structure, contacts, site).

In case of a positive answer, our purchasing manager will contact you and send an agreement, as well as the main conditions of supply for the current period. You can send catalogues via e-mail, deliver them personally or via express delivery (post) to the central office address:

140180, Moscow Region, Zhukovskiy, Myasisсheva Street, 1A, 803, Big Farmer.

Catalogue and product samples are not subject to return.

Phone number: +7 (495) 363-13-63